A reason why contact lenses never render glasses obsolete

Eyesite. A rarefied optical boutique, which showcases museum-caliber eyewear offering customized spectacles for the discerning enthusiast. An optical boutique that takes eyewear to a whole new elevation and represents the finest of what the eyewear industry has to offer.

no optical compromise

The concept of Eyesite is to accomplish the best possible look without optical compromise. If you require special attention with your optical needs, have the simplest prescription, or need a pair of sunglasses, allow yourself the next evolution of your look at Eyesite.

Workmanship, unique throughout the world

Eyesite sources its collection from small independent manufacturers from around the world representing exceptional design and rich history of making spectacles. We offer wide variety of exclusive hand-made eyewear from exotic natural materials like horn and wood, leather and stone as well as high quality acetate and metal traditionally used to craft eyewear.

Custom made glasses

For people with special needs and desires we offer bespoke service. All custom frames go through the process of design and material selection, precise measuring, meticulous manufacturing by hand and final fitting.

111 S 18th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone: 215 557 0757
Fax: 215 557 0778
Email: info@eyesite-phila.com